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Paradigmo is a registered trademark that provides services by the company Sandra Jesus Simões Valle, TIN 209283009, National Register of Tourist Animation Agents RNAAT 160/2014.

The conditions described below regulate the relationship between the before mentioned company and the customer. This way when hiring the services of tourism activities is assumed the knowledge and acceptance of these conditions by the customer. The general conditions described here can be supplemented by specific conditions sent to the client, and the specific conditions complement and overlap the general conditions.


The service proposals (price, location, other information) will be valid only for the dates presented in each proposal. The description of each service on our website www.paradigmo.net or other Paradigmo partner sites and in customized proposals sent to customers is short but as explicit as possible. However, the content and the shape of services may suffer slight changes depending on the time of year and weather conditions, or conditions that do not depend on Paradigmo. Possible changes will be communicated at the time of your reservation confirmation later, before or during the trip itself. Activity programs provided to customers include a detailed description of activities, such as rules of conduct, general and specific conditions, prices and other information.

The program of each activity will be provided when the Paradigmo understand that it is the right and proper time, certain details of each activity cannot be divulged before the time considered appropriate by Paradigmo for several reasons. The specific program for each trip or activity will only be given to each person upon registration, and payment of at least 25% of the total.


The duration of the activities is given just as an approximately example, depending on the reality of external factors to the guides. Fifteen minutes tolerance will be given to all participants to gather at the meeting point, after this time of tolerance, we won’t give any more waiting time.

Respect and Citizenship

Paradigmo will not be in any way responsible for the acts and conduct of anyone, in terms of defamation or problems among participants whatever nature or subject, as well as the conduct for the respect of Nature and Wild Life.

During a walk, there are always people who want to go faster and people who want to walk slowly, there should be common sense, Paradigmo assume a pace that is favourable to all people and this should be respected by all, the normal speed of a walker is between 3km and 5km per hour, Paradigmo assume a speed between 2.5km and 4km per hour, in order to be able to address all mobility capabilities. If you are not able to keep the pace, you should advise the guides and give information about your difficulties. The guides are in permanent contact by radio, in order to control the speed and being aware of any problems. Complaints should be directed to the responsible of the event, during the event, we do not accept claims or defamation on social networks of this nature.

In order to walk you must have team spirit, improve the ethical and moral values, respect the other as we would like to be respected. For the walk only go if you are one of those who wants to have fun and enjoy nature, this is not a competition, but we are not walking in the late afternoon. It is necessary to comply with the rules and respect all the participants. Who does not comply with the rules and cause disorder or unfounded or inappropriate defamation may be expelled from the event. In cases of public defamation of the company, the guides, or others of the event, will call the competent authorities to take care of the situation and identificate the protagonists.


All activities and programs contained in the Paradigmo website or its partners that include stays / accommodation and meals, cannot be organized by Paradigmo. Paradigmo only deals with guide services, all other services are done in partnership with other entities.

 To enrol in any Paradigmo activity you shall obligatorily make your reservation via the booking form on our website - www.paradigmo.net - or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., meaning that this act is to make the purchase of the service requested and agree to the General Conditions of the Specific activity. In this way, you are committed to pay for all services provided in the activity for which it made your reservation.

After making the booking you shall pay the activity for which you signed up. In the case of scheduled activities of one day, payment must be made at the meeting point before starting the activity, or, in the case of activities involving local partners, payment must be made in advance and by bank transfer.

The advanced payment of activities, when requested, should be made by bank transfer to NIB: 0023 0000 4547 8849 1569 4 of ActivoBank, requiring the submission of an appropriate proof for email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Upon your registration the customer assumes some commitments to Paradigmo:

·         To have learned and accept the Terms and Conditions of participation, which is the

particular conditions of participation in the activity.

·         That you have an appropriate health condition for the activity that you signed up for, including the risk of immediate medical assistance impossibility.

·         That you are aware of the type of physical and the psychological requirements that the activity involves which could lead to unpredictable situations.

·         That respects the guides and the other participants of the event, in all aspects.

Refunds and Cancellations / Changes / Annulment

In case of cancellation of the activity, for reasons beyond our control (example: extreme weather conditions), we will notify you as soon as possible and we will make every effort, to present you an alternative period of your convenience or we will give a full refund of the booking amount.

Paradigmo has the right to cancel the activities within the following cases, among others:

·         The minimum required participants are not present for each activity, event or trip;

·         Weather or other conditions make it impractical;

·         There are no security conditions;

·         There aren’t the conditions set out in the particular conditions;

The realization of some activities is dependent on weather conditions. If an activity is cancelled due to weather conditions, a new reservation will be offered, but always subject to the weather conditions of the respective day.

In case of cancellation by the customer, you may receive a full refund of your payment and the following conditions:

·         In the case of 1 day's activities, you will receive a full refund if you make the cancellation 72 hours before the activity and if Paradigmo, following the reservation made, has not already made commitments to other operators involved in the activity.

·         In activities lasting longer than one day, the cancellation must be made 15 days before the activity, otherwise, the payment of expenses might be already made.

Private conditions:

Paradigmo has the right to cancel or delay a trip if the conditions are not predefined in the travel program.

The cancellation or the delay of a trip can be made if the customer does not agree with the price changes in the following cases:

·         Changing prices of airline tickets;

·         Price changes of transport;

·         Hotels of price changes;

·         Changes in other prices unrelated to Paradigmo;

·         Additional fees or other taxes;

·         Travel impediments that require subcontracting of third party services.

Paradigmo only makes booking hotels, airplane  tickets, tickets to Monuments entry, Sport activities or any activity that is necessary to pay in advance after receiving 50 % of the total trip. The non-payment of 50 % may be a reason for cancellation of the trip.

Paradigmo has the right to cancel a trip if you don`t have the minimum number of people required to make the journey, there may be the expense of the client if they are reserved hotels or other transportation services.


The itineraries are included in programs only as an indication and the path subject to change. Services are provided by us, unless otherwise indicated is not included transport, transport will always be the responsibility of our partners.

Safety Rules:

Paradigmo activities strictly follow the safety rules, reducing the risks associated with the activities we have developed. However, participants should be aware that due to the nature of the activities the risk can not be reduced in its entirety.

Participants of Paradigmo activities should accept to follow certain rules of conduct, which respect their own safety and that of others (participants in activities or not) and nature.

The company Sandra Jesus Simões do Vale and its employees are not responsible for inappropriate behaviors of the participants during the activities, however, may put to an end an activity if security conditions or minimum conduct standards are concerned.

It is your own responsibility to ensure you are in healthy conditions for the practice of their activities. Certain activities require verification of certain conditions on the person who performs, such as minimum and maximum age, health status and other requirements of physical and psychological conditions.

Paradigmo has licensed employees in Sports with a wide experience, when you have questions of your physical capabilities, contact us and we will advise you and take action for your situation.

The guides are accredited to practice Adventure Sports Guide with proven experience in sports and cultural activities.

Where possible these restrictions will be indicated in the proposal sent to the customer being advised your reading after receipt.

For all activities abroad, is required the customer to take international health card, CESD.

The European Health Insurance Card of ( EHIC) allows an insured or person covered by a social protection system of one of the 28 states - members of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland , obtain from public care providers one medical care that their health status need during your temporary stay in any of those states.

It is a unique model card, common to the entire area of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, free and designed to simplify the identification of the holder and the institution that is financially responsible for the costs of health care that this is likely to be need.


Apólice n.º 95/238920 - Liberty Seguros Insurance Liability, which covers property damage and personal injuries on third parties and customers, they can be allocated in the course of our activity.

Apólice nº 1000009340 - Liberty Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, all participants of our activities are covered by personal accident insurance, triggered on your behalf.

Other Information:

All the content on Paradigmo site (text, photos and information) is protected by copyright and may not be used without prior authorization from Paradigmo . The images collected during the activities carried out by Paradigmo may be used for dissemination of the services of the same. Who does not want their photos posted on social networks must be delivered in writing the appropriate information

Bank Details for Payments:


CEO, José Antunes Gomes, Sede – Rua Flor da Rosa nº 11 1º Esq 3200-085 Lousã – Office: Rua do Corvo nº 15 1º, 3000 Coimbra. Phone: 239 166 852 phone: (+351) 926550591 e-mail – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Site – www.paradigmo.net Social denomination – Sandra de Jesus Simões do Vale, NIF – 209283009, NIB – 0023 0000 4547 8849 1569 4 do Banco ActivoBank IBAN - PT50 0023 0000 4547 8849 1569 4




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