There is no cheaper and simpler exercise than walking.

Nowadays more and more researches show that the act of walking regularly brings many advantages not only for physical health, but also for mental health.

Walking improves neurological connections and increases memory. With the release of various hormones linked to pleasure and relaxation, walking relieves stress and helps improving concentration.

In addition, studies have proven that the blood circulation is greatly stimulated in the act of walking, which would result in the revitalization of neurological connections and increased memory. Amazing, is not it?


1. Improves mood and prevents depression:

The walk stimulates the production of endorphins, the hormone responsible for causing a feeling of well-being and pleasure. Therefore, walking regularly, the endorphin will prevent the development of depressive disorders.

2. Accelerates weight loss:

Walking burns calories and increases metabolism by facilitating the elimination of fats and the decreasing of adipose tissue. In addition, it favours the increase of muscle mass, which also helps you lose weight.

3. Improves concentration and memory:

The walk stimulates blood circulation and revitalizes the neurological connections. This exercise has shown results in memory improving, preventing episodes of forgetfulness and also increasing concentration.

4. Increase the desire and improve sexual activity:

With the improvement of blood circulation and increasing well -being, the body is more fit, willing and full of energy for sexual activity. Call your partner for regular walks and see the results for yourself!

5. Regulates blood glucose:

Did you know that walking increases the production of insulin? For diabetics, who suffer from the absence of this hormone, regular walks are very indicated, helping in glucose regulation and better control of the disease:

Furthermore, the walk leads to weight loss, very beneficial for sufferers of diabetes. There are no more reasons to delay, get out to walk!

6. Prevents Osteoporosis:

Walking strengthens the entire bone structure, in addition to the joints and muscles. People who perform frequent walks are more flexible, elongated and have greater muscle strength. The exercise also contributes to the increased bone density, helping to prevent osteoporosis.

 7. Decrease stress:

Walk alone or with a friend, enjoying the scenery, listening to music or even the sound of the environment... All this causes the body to relax and switch off from everyday stress.

Please note: tips offered on the website do not dispense medical appointments or experts from various areas of health If you have a chronic disease, consult a specialist.


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