Join us on a fantastic trip through UNESCO World Heritage places in the central area of Portugal! These incredible places of undisputed beauty enclose a unique history and a very special charm.


But the Center of Portugal has much more to offer…In terms of curiosity, we left some questions with this beginning of phrase about the Center Region: Did you know ...?

Did you know that in the Central region of Portugal ...

Are there museums of the most sophisticated in Europe?

Are there places where you can listen the “Fado of Coimbra” any day?

Is there one of the most beautiful libraries in the world?

Are there any of the largest caves in Europe?

Are there Monuments classified as World Heritage?

Are there some of the most beautiful and largest river beaches in the country?

Is there one of the highest waterfall in the country?

Is there a gastronomy of the richest and most delicious in the country?

Are there Wine Routes?

Are there locations elected as being the best ones of Downhill in the World?

Are there the most beautiful castles in Europe?

Is there a network of Bikotels, including a 4* Hotel?

Are there farms converted into hotels?

Are there places for any sport, including Extreme Sports?

Are there Historical Villages and Schist Villages? 

Are there festivals and pilgrimages of the most important in the history of our country?

Is there one of the most beautiful and complete Romans town?

Are there pedestrian routes (SR and HR) for all tastes?

Is it possible to see Deer in the Wild?

Are there places to do kayaking and river descents?

Are there places to do activities in the Snow?

Are there places to do paragliding?

Are there European and World Outdoor Sports competitions?

Are there some of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal?

Are there medieval villages with lovely castles?

Is there one of the largest religious centers in the country and in Europe?

If you didon’t know…now you know, there is only one thing left to do: see and experience all these possibilities and many more that we don’t describe here but that deserve your attention, because they can be a reason for much fun in your life or your family or who you loves the most.

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Sobe a montanha, não para fixar a tua bandeira, mas para abraçar o desafio, desfrutar do ar e usufruir da paisagem. Escala-a para que possas ver o mundo, não para que o mundo te veja.


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