What equipment should take?

Backpack with two handles cap or hat or Beanie in case of cold, water bottle, individual first aid kit, appropriate clothing for the expected weather conditions, should be comfortable and protective. Carry a jacket and a protection for the rain (In case of rainy days). You must wear mountain boots or strong walking shoes, always with thick cotton socks. Carry and use, sunscreen and insect repellent. If you suffer from hypertension, hypotension, diabetes, asthma or other respiratory problems, always bring with you the medication. Always tell the guides of your health problems. We recommend the use of a walking stick, sunglasses and bandanna or scarf, especially if it's cold.

What food and drinks should take?

You should always take food and plenty of water, at least 1 Lt. The food should be light, but energetic - sandwiches, crackers, dry cakes, dried fruit, candied fruit, fresh fruit, cereal bars, packaged juices, etc. Avoid yogurts, milk, ham, fresh cheese, energy drinks, alcoholic beverages. Please have a bag to put the waste produced in order to later be deposited in the appropriate place.

What should I take in the first aid kit?

Have your own first aid kit to be used when you need or be used by those who need. If you don’t a have first aid kit, the team of guides will used theirs.

What if an accident happens?

If it is a small accident, you will be treated with the first aid kit by the guides and if you wish you will continue until the end of the tour or even until a safe place to be taken by the car support. If it is a more serious accident, it will be stabilized at the accident and the emergency services will be called, for this we have the police informed of our route and locations, we have radio communications and mobile phones as well as GPS coordinate information.

You I feel tired can I give up?

Always evaluate the tour you will do according to their physical, psychological and emotional condition before doing the tour. If you want to give up halfway through, we have a support vehicle that will lead you to the ending point.

Can children and seniors do the tours?

Everyone can participate in our tours, but you should check your condition according to the tour you are willing to do. Age is no reason of any condition so the choice is always yours. Children under 10 years must be well supervised by adults who accompany them.

Can I bring my dog?

The four-legged friends are very welcome and do not pay registration. Although for most of the rides you can let them walk on the loose but is required to bring a leash and have them locked in urban locations, or places where domestic animals or cattle are in the pastures. It is important to remember that not everyone likes animals and some people are even afraid of dogs. Be careful that your dog does not often circulate among the group making it difficult or even dangerous for the other participants. During meal breaks, keep your dog close and locked to you and do not let him disturb the other participants.


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